Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"My computer locks up and randomly shuts down"

As the picture above demonstrates, the most common cause of a computer locking up and randomly shutting down is caused by over heating. When there is a large build up of dust and muck inside your computer, on the fans and the heat syncs air flow is restricted and your computer does not cool properly.

This can be a major issue as over time it can permanently damage components inside the computer. The best way to keep from having problems is to clean your computer regularly. Canned / Compressed air is the only thing your should use to clean the inside of your computer. Take note to turn off and unplug all cables and make sure to follow any direction of the canned air. Do not touch or rub any of the components inside your computer with your hands or other cleaning agents as this too can damage components.

Open Source Technologies performs a free cleaning on any computer at the customers request.

Chris Dickerson
Owner / Lead Technician
Open Source Technologies
(678) 372-9470

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