Friday, July 8, 2011

Setup magicJack to Replace Entire House Phone Service

On my previous post I told you how to use the magicJack as a fax line. Now I am going to show you how to also wire the magicJack into your house so that all your home phone jacks are also powered by the magicJack.

Before we continue please note that this tutorial is not meant for novices. Basic knowledge of phone systems and the ability to run cable will be required.

First of all understand what we are going to do. We have to disconnect the phone companies lines from the internal house network because you can not have two phone signals running over the same lines. If you are going to get rid of their service than that doesn't matter much. However if you still have DSL internet service you will have to insure that you run a line directly from the Telephone Network Interface Box to the modem.

Now there is absolutely noting illegal or wrong with changing this wiring. If you own your house you also own this box. So don't think that you are going to get in trouble for fiddling with it. However most phone companies use a security screw to close it so you may have to use a pair of plyers to open it and then replace it with another screw that is easier to manipulate.

Now after you have that line run and tested you will have to trace the wires that run into your house. More than likely, the older the house the more you will have. Ports have been added and moved not to mention most security systems run their own.

My box had three wires running into the house. One was for the original phones, one was added later for a phone in another room and the third is for the security system. Disconnect these from the interface box and set them aside.

Now put a splitter on the magicJack and run a wire from the magic jack either through the attic or through a crawl space and then out to the interface box. Then all you have to do is splice them together and you are all set to go. All the phone jacks in your house are now powered by the magicJack.

I have canceled my home phone service and just use the magicJack to make calls and to send and receive faxes. This saves so much money, it's just incredible.

If you have done this in your home please leave a comment and let me know how it went. Also if you would like to have this done but just can't simply do it yourself please keep in mind that this is a service that we offer.

Chris Dickerson
Owner / Lead Technician
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  1. My outdoor phone box is different however, couldn't you just disconnect the phone line service in from the phone company, and run a phone cable from the magic jack to an open phone jack inside the house?

    Thank you,
    Tanner Kent

  2. Yes you could. I had to reconfigure the box anyways as I have DSL and still needed that to run to a jack. So I figured the installation would be a little more professional this way.

    Also another easy way is just to purchase wireless phone that can have multiple stations. Then only the main one needs to be plugged into the magic jack and the others can be placed throughout the house.

  3. HI, Just tried to plug the magic jack into an old wall jack to spread thru the house and no good. I have two lines and it was trying to walk on the other line so yours may be different if only one line.
    Pulled the line from the telco box. Then Saw that a phone used red and green only so knew that magic jack was feeding on red and green to the jack. Then found out that I need to find which wires were colored outside for me it was black yellow then hooked them to red green from the jack
    SO MJ red green to jack red green wires, then RG wires from jack to the wire colors that you pulled outside. Best to all

  4. Yep thats how you get around the DSL line problem. Just switch it over to a different pair. If you don't have DSL, you just disconnect the pair that is in the box for whole house phone. pretty simple really.